Your Guide To The Best Elderly Walk In Bathtubs

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Painful joints

Your Guide To The Best Elderly Walk In Bathtubs

If you’ve fallen out of love with your standard bathtub, it might be time to upgrade to a walk in bath designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Whether you have Arthritis, you’ve just undergone surgery or you’re just not as flexible as you once were, there’s no need to pass up on a bubble bath or warm invigorating shower! With elderly walk in bathtubs, you can now recline into a warm bubble bath without the stress of figuring out how you’re going to get back out! To help you find the best elderly walk in bathtub, we’ve put together this quick guide!

Aire Deep Soak Tub

Best walk in bath for a small bathroom suite.

Key Benefits:
⦁ Biocote antimicrobial technology to make cleaning easier
⦁ Smart and innovative space saving design​
⦁ Easy access low level threshold
⦁ Slip resistant seat & base​
⦁ Secure door locking device​
⦁ A door that opens inwards to maximize bathroom space

When space is limited, we recommend the Aire Deep Soak Tub. As a compact walk in bath, it can be easily installed in even the smallest of bathrooms and allows you to indulge in a long warm soak. This space-saving design features a slip resistant seat and base to prevent any slips or falls whilst relaxing and bathing. And when it comes to getting out of the bath, you’ll also be able to do so much easier, with its low level threshold.

Glen Shower Bath

Best walk in bath for modern family life.

Key Benefits:
⦁ Secure leak free seal which is guaranteed for life
⦁ Contoured soft or hard seat options
⦁ P-shaped design to give maximum room when showering
⦁ Suitable for all the family

The Glen Shower Bath is the perfect addition to any home, and is suitable for the whole family. So, if you have elderly relatives at home who are finding bathing more of a challenge, but you also have little ones who enjoy a bubble bath after school, this one is for you! It has been specifically designed to look modern and aesthetically pleasing, something many people are worried won’t be the case when investing in an edlerly walk in bath at home. So, if you’re searching for a stylish, sleek shower bath combination, make sure to check out this design!

Moore Powered Seat

Best walk in bath for lowering and raising without the risk of slipping.

Key Benefits:
⦁ Comfortable powered seat for easy access
⦁ Secure locking device
⦁ Biocote coating
⦁ Low door threshold
⦁ Easy to use controls
⦁ Designed to fit a standard bathtub footprint

If you have a standard bathtub at home, but find the sides of the tub too high to enjoy a relaxing bath, the Moore Powered Seat walk-in bath is for you! With a low-level threshold and comfortable powered seat to bath entering the water is a safer and more relaxing experience. In fact, the entire design features slip resistant surfaces to prevent accidents and the controls to lower and raise the seat as simple and easy to understand. Which means all that’s left to do, is feel completely comforted by the warm water!

Wharf Easy Rider

Best walk in bath for reclining and relaxing.

Key Benefits:
⦁ Comfortable powered seat with back rest
⦁ Anti-splash shower screen
⦁ Biocote coating for easy cleaning
⦁ Low door threshold for safer bathing
⦁ Secure door locking device

Designed and developed with your comfort in mind, the Wharf Easy Rider is an ergonomic walk-in bath that features an integrated back rest and powered bath seat. Using the controls, you can easily recline the seat into a position that makes you feel comfortable as you bathe. Once you’re ready to get out of the bath, the backrest gently lifts you back up to a seated position. What more could you ask for!

Derwent Full Length Bath

Best walk in bath for luxury family life.

Key Benefits:
⦁ Fits snug where your old bathtub was
⦁ Features an anti-slip base
⦁ Biocote coating to make cleaning easy
⦁ Easy to use taps
⦁ Secure door locking device

As we age, climbing into a bathtub can become a risk, especially when the room gets damp, steamy and wet. But the Derwent Full Length elderly walk in bath is the answer! Another smart solution should you be living with family, this design is highly versatile and matches the exact footprint of a standard bathtub. This means replacing your existing bath and upgrading to a safer design has never been more straightforward. Plus, for that added touch of luxury, you can even add Air Spa to the Derwent Full Length Bath and feel as though you’re at a luxury spa!