Discover the Thirlmere Wet Room for Elderly Users

The features of the Thirlmere mobility wet rooms include:

  • Flat level design for wheelchair access
  • Anti slip flooring for added safety
  • Easy to use taps for arthritis sufferers

Find out if the Thirlmere mobility wet room is the right solution for your bathroom space

Discover the benefits and features of of the Thirlmere wet room

If you’re disabled, or suffer from restricted mobility, then our Thirlmere wet rooms could be the ideal choice for you.

A mobility wet room is often the best solution for those who require wheelchair access as it will let you maintain a relaxing showering and bathing experience with peace of mind.

Our wet rooms can be customised for a wide range of bathroom sizes, meaning that even if you have a smaller bathroom space, you can still benefit from our walk in showers.

Discover the details and safety features of our Thirlmere wet rooms and how they can benefit you:

01 – Flat level access showers

With traditional showers, or even the other walk in showers in our range, you can’t take a wheelchair into the shower tray. This means if you suffer from severely restricted mobility, then a wet room is the ideal bathing solution for you.

The lack of shower tray in mobility wet rooms enables full wheelchair access. This is because the flooring of your bathroom space is all on the same level.

The completely flat level access of the Thirlmere wet rooms means that if you suffer from a serious mobility issue, you can still easily navigate your bathroom and retain some independence in your life.

02 – Comfortable folding seat

If you suffer from limited mobility and require a wheelchair, then we know that you may struggle to stand and shower.

That’s why we’ve designed our Thirlmere mobility wet rooms with a comfortable folding seat in the shower area.

When you’re able to sit in the showering area, you’ll be able to bathe without the worry of needing to be able to stand for prolonged periods of time.

03 – Slip resistant surfaces

As we age, we often become unsteady on our feet, that’s why we’ve designed our mobility wet rooms with slip resistant surfaces.

Our anti slip bonded floor means that if you need to walk around your wet room, or even transfer yourself from your wheelchair to the seat, you can do so with peace of mind. The floor of the Thirlmere wet room is cambered to ensure that the water from your shower drains away quickly.

We wanted to ensure that our wet rooms retained the stylish design of the other walk in shower and bathroom furniture range, so we offer a wide selection of colours for the wet room walls and floor.

04 – Half height carer doors

We understand that the time may have come where you need the assistance of carers or loved ones to help you shower.

This is why we’ve designed our mobility wet rooms with a folding half height shower enclosure.

The easy access carer doors will allow you to get a wheelchair and other mobility aids into the showering area before folding the magnetic doors closed to allow more privacy during your assisted bathing.

And to increase your privacy if you need assistance while you shower, our wet rooms also come with a curtain and rail that can be pulled around the showering area.

05 – Grab rails

We know how essential additional features to help ensure your safety are in an accessible bathroom, because the risks faced by elderly people and those with limited mobility from slips and falls is much higher.

As we get older, if we fall it can be hard to lift ourselves back up again. So, to make navigation around our mobility wet rooms safe and easy, we’ll install grab bars on your wet room wall to give you extra support in the places that you need it.

06 – Easy to use taps

We understand that many elderly people start to suffer with arthritis as they grow older, to combat this we’ve designed our wet rooms, and all of our walk in shower models, with easy to use taps.

And, to ensure your comfort and safety, our taps are all thermostatically controlled. For users with limited mobility, it can be more difficult to move out of the way if the water in your shower becomes too hot, but with a thermostatically controlled tap, you’ll avoid the risk of scalding yourself.

07 – Waterproof anti bacterial wall panels

We understand that as we age it can be harder to give our bathrooms the deep clean that we might have done in our younger years. That’s why we’ve designed our wet rooms with low maintenance wall panels, where there’s no grouting to worry about keeping free from mould.

Our wall panels are also coated with an antibacterial finish to help lower your chance of picking up a nasty bug.

These wall panels come in a range of different colours and styles, and we can help you find the perfect complementary match to your wet room flooring to ensure your bathroom looks stylish.

08 – Multiple electric shower options available

We know that all bathroom set ups are different, so we’ll do our best to ensure that we can provide all the additional features that you need.

As some bathrooms aren’t set up for a traditional shower, we also offer our walk in showers with the option of an electric shower.

When we come to survey your home, we will assess your shower and water pressure needs to ensure that you have the right product for your bathroom.

Please Ask About Our Fast Track Install Option

Get back to comfortable and safe bathing in no time with The Walk in Bath Co's two-week Fast Track Installation service, ensuring your new walk-in bath or shower is perfectly fitted and ready for use with exceptional speed and efficiency. Subject to product availability

Contact our team for walk in showers advice

Our expert team can work with you to find the perfect product for your individual needs.

Assess your needs

We’ll ask you a series of questions which can help to assess whether you could be eligible for disabled facilities grants offered by many local councils.

We’ll also help you discover what product is best suited to your needs and bathroom set up, and find out if you could benefit from any additional features.

Find the ideal product

We’ll never sell you a product that doesn’t suit your individual needs, so a consultation with our team and an assessment of your home can help you choose the product for your shower room, whether that’s a walk in access shower or bath, or a full wet room.

Once we have established the set up of your bathroom and completed the bathroom survey and measurements, our team will talk you through the installation process and give you a better idea of time from purchase to install.

Fully customisable options

No customer is the same, and we know that your needs will vary depending on the severity of your limited mobility.

We want to ensure that your walk in shower, walk in bath, or wet room is perfectly suited to your needs. Therefore we’ll work closely with you to ensure that you have all the features that suit your tastes and mobility issues.

Don’t just take our word for it

Jul 22, 2023

Great company

We had our bathroom adapted which took 3 days. The whole operation was well planned down to the last detail, including removal of the waste. All contractors arrived on time and worked non-stop till the job was finished. We are very pleased with the result, all products are great quality and it is a very professional job.

Alyson Turnbull

Trust Pilot

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