Walk in Showers for Elderly Bathers

Our range of walk in showers have been proven to provide a whole new bathing experience to those with limited mobility.

Walk in showers are scientifically proven to improve the quality of your daily shower, while ensuring that your safety and dignity are upheld.

The health benefits of bathing in a walk in shower include relief from coughs, decreased stress and better circulation to name just a few.

A Walk In Shower could be just what you need if you’re struggling with:

  • Arthritis
  • Limited mobility
  • Unsteadiness on your feet

Find out if our Walk in Showers are right for you with no obligation to buy

Our range of walk in showers

Our extensive range of stylish walk in showers for the elderly are specifically designed to add extra comfort to the quality of your bathing experience in your own home.

All our walk in showers are measured to suit your bathroom space, with secure shower seats that fold flat for efficient storage, and an adjustable shower head.

The shower trays are fitted with a slip resistant floor and low level entry, making each one the perfect easy access shower. The Thirlmere model is designed for wet rooms, so therefore provides a level access to the shower area.

Additionally, all our walk in showers are made with Biocote; a proven antimicrobial protection against microbes, viruses, fungi and mould.

Grab rails can be installed to your individual requirements, should you need them, for extra stability and safety, and our team will ensure that your new shower compliments your new bathroom with tasteful wall panelling and shower accessories if you need them.

01 – Trent

If you’re looking to replace your old bath with a walk in shower, our team can build the Trent straight into the existing gap, making it fit perfectly into your bathroom space.

The tempered safety glass used in the shower enclosure will give you peace of mind, as well as a pleasant showering experience, and the design of the shower enclosure seeks to prevent water from escaping from the shower tray, meaning you can enjoy a calm and relaxing shower.

02 – Medway

Our easy access Medway model is a spacious alternative for your old bath, and the finished product comes fitted with a flat folding seat, and slip resistant shower tray as standard.

This model is fitted with full length tempered glass shower screens for visibility, and easy cleaning.

03 – Spey

Spey is our solution to dignified assisted bathing, with easy access for yourself and a carer.

The half height shower doors are fitted with a strong magnetic clip features that ensure no water leaves your shower tray, with a long 2m hose to ensure a thorough wash, a slip-resistance tray, and fold-down seat.

04 – Cumbria

The Cumbria model is specially designed to mirror the look of a traditional shower enclosure.

The Cumbria is designed to fit into a corner of your bathroom, meaning there is less need to move your bathroom furniture around during the installation, and is perfect for smaller bathrooms.

The stylish curved shower screens are made from tempered glass to combine safety with practical features.

05 – Thirlmere

Unlike your old bath, which may have required you to make a significant step in and out, the Moore walk in bath makes use of a low threshold door for easy access.

As we get older, it can be difficult for us to lift our legs over the side of a tub, particularly for those of us with hip issues. However, if you can manage the step of a stair, then stepping over the easy access threshold of the Moore should be a simple task.

The low door threshold enables you to retain your independence, while also allowing you to benefit from the easy transition from bathtub to bathroom.

Please Ask About Our Fast Track Install Option

Get back to comfortable and safe bathing in no time with The Walk in Bath Co's two-week Fast Track Installation service, ensuring your new walk-in bath or shower is perfectly fitted and ready for use with exceptional speed and efficiency. Subject to product availability

What are the benefits of the walk in showers’ features?

The shower system of each model in our collection is designed to give you the utmost feeling of safety and security in your shower or wet room.

01 – An easy access shower

Whether you live alone, or together with your family, our easy access showers can benefit everyone. With more space, slip resistant flooring, and fold up shower seats, the shower space is entirely versatile for any user.

02 – Easy to use taps

Our taps are designed with the user’s safety in mind to reduce the risk of accidental scalding. These mixer taps can help you get the perfect temperature every time for the perfect shower experience.

03 – Slip-Resistant Shower Tray

Our shower trays are designed with slip resistance in mind. Whether you opt for one of our standard walk in showers, or the Thirlmere model for a wet room, the safety feature of the slip-resistant shower room or shower trays will ensure you can shower with confidence and security in your bathroom.

04 – Secure Grab Rails

Grab rails are a fantastic tool for assisting with mobility issues when showering.

Our grab rails are securely fixed to the shower wall panelling, or to the structure of the shower enclosure itself, depending on your needs and preferences.

This allows you to navigate your walk in shower with minimal intervention, and wash independently in your bathroom.

The Process of Getting Your Walk in Shower

Whether you’re assessing your ongoing health circumstances and decide to invest in one of our walk in showers, you recognise a growing need for a level access entry to your shower area, or have suffered a recent fall injury and need somewhere to sit and rest whilst washing, we’ll be on hand to discuss how we can best help you.

The process of having your walk in shower fitted is entirely guided by you, with the aim of preserving your independence and dignity.

Step 1: Call and Speak to Our Experts

Your journey to the perfect walk in shower starts with the moment you pick up the phone. Our team will listen to your concerns with empathy and understanding, and will arrange for one of our brochures to be sent to you.

There’s no pressure to decide straightaway, and our team will arrange for a free friendly consultation to assess your bathroom.

Step 2: Our Experts Will Assess Your Bathroom

The assessment will involve measuring your bathroom’s dimensions, and discussing any difficulties you have with showering or bathing.
We will make recommendations for your bathroom or shower room that are tailored to you, and you can make an informed decision from a wide choice of options.

We will never try and upsell you something that will not benefit you.

Step 3: Your Walk in Shower is Installed!

Our team are hugely experienced with making bathrooms look beautiful, so once you have decided which of our high quality walk in showers you would like to fit, we will install your shower or wet room as required, and make sure the finishing touches are of an outstanding craftsmanship.

Other frequently asked questions about walk in showers

How Much Does a Walk In Shower Cost?

Our range walk in showers are fitted specifically to each unique bathroom we visit, so it’s not always possible to give an accurate quote in advance.

Please give us a call and we will try to answer your queries.

Can I replace my bathroom at the same time?

If you want to replace your whole bathroom to match your brand new shower, we can help with this too! Whether it’s a toilet or tiles you need, speak to us about how we can help you.

Where are your showers made?

All our walk in showers are made in the UK.