Glen Easy Access Walk in Bath & Shower for the Elderly

If you have mobility issues and are looking for a walk in bath with a difference, the Glen is the walk in shower bath for you.
Whether you’re wanting a quick rinse off in the shower, or a deep soak in the bath, the Glen is designed carefully with safety features in mind.
Top Features of the Glen Walk In Shower Baths:

  • P-shape style for additional space when showering, with the added length of a standard bath.
  • Low threshold to make getting in and out easy
  • Powered seat designed carefully to allow an assisted deep soak

Get to Know the Glen Walk In Bath Showers

Discover the Benefits of the Glen Walk In Shower Bath

The Glen is a massively versatile walk in bath shower if you have limited mobility, but desire that dual experience of a bath or shower.

However, we also wanted to ensure that our range of walk in baths incorporated well into a modern style of home. So we’ve designed our mobility baths to be sleek and simple, while still being fully equipped to meet all your independent bathing needs.

01 – Temperature Controlled Taps

The temperature controlled mixer bath tap ensures your safety when using the Glen bath, so that you can bathe in security and comfort.

The added safety features of the mixer taps mean that the temperature of the water is set to a maximum of 42 degrees, so you no longer need to worry about scald injuries from hot water.

And, if you suffer from arthritis in your hands, you’ll be pleased to know that our taps are all easy to use so you can turn your water on and off without any added stress.

02 – Slip Resistant Powered Seat

To reduce the risk of slipping and accidents, we’ve designed the Glen walk in bath with a slip-resistant powered seat, helping to ensure your safety and comfort while you bathe. 

Not only will the powered seat help you get in and out of the water, but the slip resistant texture will help to prevent you from sliding off.

This seat can also be removed for cleaning purposes and to make the bath suitable for use by the whole family. 

For enhanced safety features, and family functionality, the Glen is an excellent choice for most bathrooms.

03 – P Shaped easy access baths

The practical p-shaped bathtub is designed to maximise space during showering, and give the length needed for a comfortable bath.

The depth of the bathtub is also equipped for a deep soak capability, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

The Glen is available in 1500 mm/1700 mm length and 850 mm/1000 mm width to fit larger or smaller spaces in your bathroom. 

These flexible measurements will ensure that you get a bath that will suit your bathroom perfectly.

04 – Inward Opening Door

If you have limited mobility, having a bath or shower you can rely on is essential. However, we know that in a smaller home, space to move around safely is a precious commodity.

The inward opening doors on the Glen model are ideal for smaller spaces in your bathroom, and can be made to suit left hand or right hand orientation.

05 – Biocote Covering

The Biocote covering on the bath and shower screen prevents the build up of mould, limescale, viruses and bacteria.

This antimicrobial technology means you can shower or bathe safely in the knowledge that your walk in bath and shower needs only minimal maintenance.

By using a bath that has been manufactured with Biocote, you’ll help to limit your exposure to dangerous bugs, allowing you to stay healthy in your home.

06 – Slip resistant base

The Glen walk in bath is fitted with a slip-resistant bottom as standard. There’s no need to choose style and comfort over safety!

As we age, many of us become unsteady on our feet, and mobility issues mean that when we do fall, it can be harder to get back up again by ourselves. 

That’s why our trays are designed carefully to aid you with stepping in and out of the wet area with confidence, without the risk of accidents like slips, trips, and falls.

07 – Grab Rails

Our grab rails are styled in subtle chrome, and can be fitted wherever you need them, and their placement will vary depending on your individual needs.

Maybe you struggle with foot placement, and need an extra hand to guide you, or just want the reassurance just in case. 

Our team will work with you to ensure that your grab rails are placed in the perfect position for you, that way they’ll be exactly where you need them should you start to lose your balance.

08 – Optional Extras


Chromotherapy is known as light therapy, and can provide some welcome relief from the harsh lights we find ourselves surrounded by in everyday life.

For many people, a deep soak in the bath is essential at the end of a long day, and dimmed coloured lights can help you relax at home in your safe space.


Hydrotherapy is a fantastic tool to use, as it stimulates circulation in the limbs for the user.

Research has shown that it can help to release endorphins from the brain, helping you to feel relaxed and happy in your bath. This may suit you if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis.

Please Ask About Our Fast Track Install Option

Get back to comfortable and safe bathing in no time with The Walk in Bath Co's two-week Fast Track Installation service, ensuring your new walk-in bath or shower is perfectly fitted and ready for use with exceptional speed and efficiency. Subject to product availability

When it comes to walk in baths, we know that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work for customers with limited mobility.

That’s why we’ll work closely with you to customise your easy access bath to suit your individual user needs.

If you feel like the Glen walk in bath shower may be the ideal model for you, call us today. Our team is on hand to answer any questions that you might have.

Find out how we can help you start your journey to your dream bathing experience.

Don’t just take our word for it

Oct 30, 2023

Full Bathroom refit; Walk in Shower, Walls and Flooring.

The contractor Paul was very professional and friendly. Paul conducted his work efficiently and cleaned up after himself everyday. The workmanship was finished to high standard. I am very happy and pleased with my finished bathroom. The walk in shower is so much easier now for my self and my disabled son. Five Stars from us.


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