Discover the Derwent Bath with Door 

Benefit from an enjoyable bathing experience with the Derwent bath with door, the ideal solution for your walk in bath needs.

Designed to fit exactly where a standard bath would go, the Derwent is perfect for elderly customers who are starting to plan for the possibility of future mobility issues.
The features of the Derwent walk in bath with door include:

  • Inward Opening Door for More Room to Manoeuvre 
  • Easy To Use Taps to Aid Arthritis Sufferers  
  • Full length Design to Allow for Full Soak

Find out if the Derwent Walk in Baths are the right solution for you and your bathroom

Discover the benefits and features of of the Derwent Easy Access Baths

The Derwent full length bath with door will perfectly suit most bathroom set ups. Retain the traditional bathing experience, without having to struggle to lift your leg over the side of the bathtub.

This bath’s stylish, modern design makes it the ideal for customers who want to make sure their bathroom is ready should they develop mobility issues, but don’t want to opt for a full walk in bath with powered seat.

01 – Full length design

The full length design of our Derwent walk in bath means that it can fit in the footprint of your old bathtub, limiting the amount of disruption and redesign involved in the installation process.

If you’re looking for a quick replacement walk in bath with door, then the Derwent easy access bath is perfect for a no fuss installation.

By retaining a full length bath in your home that is easy to get in and out of, you’ll have the benefit of a long soak in the tub to relax any joints that might become painful as you age. 

02 – Low threshold entry

Our Derwent walk in bath has a low threshold to make it easy for you to get in and out of the tub.

If you can manage one step of a stair then you should be able to step into this easy access bath without trouble.

We know that if you suffer from problems with your hips, then climbing in and out of your tub can be a challenge. However, with the low threshold door, you’ll be able to use your bath for years to come.

03 – Slip resistant surfaces

Style is essential, but so is safety, and as we start to get older, the risk posed by a fall increases. This is why we’ve designed our range of walk in baths with slip resistant bases to make for a comfortable, safe, and stress free bathing experience.

If you want to feel extra secure when getting in and out of the bath, then increase safety measures with our anti slip flooring.

This can be installed throughout your bathroom or simply around the footprint of your bathtub. The range of colours and styles will ensure that you find the ideal match for your bathroom.

04 – Inward opening door

To maximise the space in your bathroom, we’ve designed our Derwent easy access walk in bath with an inward opening door. This means that should the time come where you need walking assistance, you’ll have plenty of space to navigate your bathroom.

The solid door has also been designed with a secure locking feature that has a lifetime guarantee against leaks, that way you’ll avoid water spilling out onto the floor and creating a safety hazard.

05 – Grab rail options

We understand that pulling yourself up out of the bath can be a struggle. That’s why we provide a range of grab rails to give you peace of mind when navigating your walk in bath.

Our team will work with you to find the ideal placement for these stylish rails, ensuring that you have the extra support you need when you feel unsteady on your feet.

06 – Easy to use taps

As we get older, many of us suffer from problems such as arthritis, making it difficult to use features such as a bath tap.

The bath tap on our Derwent walk in bath is ideal for all users, regardless of whether you prefer a left hand or right hand orientation.

07 – Shower compatibility

Not everyone wants to choose between a bath and a shower, that’s why we’ve designed the Aire walk in bath with shower compatibility. If you love the look of the Aire design, but are still looking for a shower bath, then ask us about adding shower functionality.

With the Aire walk in baths, you don’t need a separate shower area, you can wash your hair while using the walk in bath seat.

The shower compatibility of our Aire walk in baths also makes it more suitable if you live with your family.

08 – Luxury additions for walk in baths

We provide a selection of luxury add ons for the Derwent easy access bath, including hydrotherapy spa and chromotherapy, so you can upgrade your bathing experience.

All of our bathtubs are manufactured in the UK and your bathroom set up can be customised to meet your user needs.

Please Ask About Our Fast Track Install Option

Get back to comfortable and safe bathing in no time with The Walk in Bath Co's two-week Fast Track Installation service, ensuring your new walk-in bath or shower is perfectly fitted and ready for use with exceptional speed and efficiency. Subject to product availability

Not sure if the Derwent is right for you?

Our expert team can advise you on which mobility baths best suit your needs. From walk in showers to powered baths, we’ll be able to help you assess your bathroom set up to find the right models for you. Contact our team today for more information

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Oct 26, 2023

Thank you so much

I have been very impressed real hard working man never stops working. Very pleased with the walk in bath it will make my life so much easier really chuffed.thank you Warren and all at the walk in bath co.

Jean Foley

Trust Pilot

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